Andy’s Follies #15 – The Tyranny Of Hair


I can’t be the only one who has been sitting on the bus, looking at someone and wondering, “I wonder if he is a Civil War reenactor? Maybe he’s a jihadist?”

I think that way sometimes and need to remind myself that here in America the odds are the guy with a bushy beard is a hipster. The only crime against humanity he’s committing is drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Yes, keeping my anxiety to a manageable level does take a lot of effort.

However, I was walking down the street yesterday and two young white guys were hanging out with their dogs in front of the coffee shoppe (like what I did there?). Neither dog was intimidating, but their owners’ haircuts were.

The hair was neat. It was parted to the side…

and I thought “NAZI.”

At that moment I also thought, “Andy, you gotta watch something besides porn and the news. It’s messing your head up, man.”

I think it’s a banner idea.



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